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Terms of sale


We welcome you to the website of the company StudioPak (hereinafter the "Site").

These "Terms of the sale of goods" (hereinafter - the "Terms of Sale") is a public offer sellers offering to conclude a contract of sale of a remote method on the following conditions.


In these "conditions of sale", unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms are used in the following meanings:

"Site" - a set of web-pages with repetitive designs that are integrated in content and navigation and are available on a web-server.

"The sale of remote way" - sales by phone, in accordance with the proposals of the consultant or by an order on the Site.


Address: 01042, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Patrice Lumumba, 4/6 korp.A, of.100.

Address for letters, claims, complaints.

customer service department



Str. Patrice Lumumba, 4/6, Building A, Suite 214-216

Phone: (044) 206 09 60

from 09:00 until 18:00 (Monday-Friday)


"Buyer" - a natural person who has the necessary civil capacity, and has the intention to order or buy / orders, buys or uses goods exclusively for their own needs, not related to business activities. In case of violation of the conditions of the Buyer, he is deprived of privileges and advantages granted to him by the Law of Ukraine from 12.05.1991 number 1023-the XII "On Protection of Consumer Rights", and deprived of the right to conclude the sale in these Conditions of Sale of the contract;

"Goods" - disposable containers from a food aluminum foil and the corresponding lid to the container, kits under the trademark "Maestro Relish" produced by "Studiopak Ukraine Limited", which are distributed by the Seller on the territory of Ukraine and offered for sale on the Site, shall be brought to the note of the Buyer consultant in the case of an order by phone. A detailed description of the goods in catalogs, or on the Site are provided by the Consultant. All products are certified according to the legislation of Ukraine;

'Dealer' '- available information about products offered for sale on the Site, shall be communicated to the Buyer note consultant at prices and on terms in accordance with the Seller's tariffs;

"Order" - the individual items of goods from the list provided by the seller by the buyer when you make an application for the purchase of goods and on the conditions that apply at the time of registration of such an application.

These "Terms of Sale" is defined exclusive right to sell the Goods offered in the Seller's proposals. The buyer can get acquainted with the goods that are offered in the Seller's proposals prior to and during the ordering process.

Site administrator

LLC "Studiopak Ukraine Limited"

Address: 01042, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Patrice Lumumba, 4/6 korp.A, of.100.

Personal Information

Making the order, I GIVE LLC "STUDIOPAK Ukraine Limited" (01042, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Patrice Lumumba, 4/6 korp.A, of.100) In accordance with the Act "On Personal Data Protection» № 2297- VI of 01.06.2010, consent to the processing of all I have provided my personal data in any manner not prohibited by law, TO ORDER and product delivery, information about news, statistical analysis, and for the transfer of personal data by partner organizations of "STUDIOPAK UKRAINE LIMITED ". I am aware that the personal database OWNER IS Ltd "STUDIOPAK Ukraine Ltd". I hereby confirm their awareness of the right of access to their personal data, about the right to request amendment of modification or termination process my personal data upon written request to: STUDIOPAK UKRAINE LIMITED, 01042, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Patrice Lumumba, 4/6 korp.A, of.100.

LLC "STUDIOPAK Ukraine Ltd" guarantees the protection of users' personal data.

Offers and prices

All Seller's offers are valid only on the territory of Ukraine. Validity of the offer was not directly in the Offer. The offer is valid only subject to the availability of stock Products. Validity Offer may be extended, shortened or modified by the Seller, as the Buyer shall notify the method of dissemination of the Offer.

on the website are quoted in UAH including VAT, excluding shipping costs of postage. Prices are subject to change by the Seller without prior notification to the Buyer, and the ordered goods are paid at rates that were in effect at the time of the order by the Buyer.


Products that are included in the corresponding Order, are the property of the Seller until full payment by the Buyer of the cost of the order.

The list of goods offered for sale is offer to the seller. The seller has the right to change the list of goods without prior notification to the Buyer. Detailed information about the products on offer, their main characteristics and the price posted on the Site and provided consultant.

drawing up of an order

The first ordering the Buyer undertakes to provide the following information about yourself: name, full address, phone number and email address. This information is entered by the Buyer in the registration form on the order form and can be further edited by the Buyer in connection with its change in the next order. Seller does not change the information provided by the buyer, without the consent of the Buyer.

By placing an order the Buyer confirms that it has received from the Seller all the information, which has a mandatory provision of the sale of goods under the contract of distance selling.

Disposable aluminium foil trays for food





Хранение и заморозка

Storing and freezing



Еда без жира


Экономие времени

Saving of time

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